A unique technique of rejuvenation - plasmolifting of facial skin

blood plasma tubes for plasma skin rejuvenation

A distinctive feature of plasmolifting, what it is, will be clear a little later, is that its action is based on the activation and restoration of the patient's own resources. After the procedure, the interaction of the regenerative, metabolic and immune systems takes place, and without the penetration of foreign substances and antibodies into the body. And this eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and rejection of introduced particles.

The essence of the technique of rejuvenation

The technique of rejuvenation using blood plasma was developed by academics of plastic medicine and was officially patented in 2003. Plasmolifting, as a method of PRP therapy, has become widespread in cosmetology recently. Initially, the technique was used to restore bone tissue, and its beneficial effect on the epidermis was discovered quite by accident and was described by the method developers as a side effect. At the moment, plasma removal is the only rejuvenation technique, after which there are no complications, and which has no side effects.

The essence of the method lies in the introduction of plasma taken from the patient's blood into the problem area of the skin. Facial plasmolifting begins with obtaining material for performing procedures. Blood is taken from a vein shortly before manipulation. The blood undergoes a special processing, as a result of which the red blood cells are separated from the plasma and removed from it. The material is then enriched with collagen and elastin. All of these manipulations take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Cosmetic plasmogel obtained in such a simple way, after being injected under the skin, acts as a building material. The record number of platelets, collagen and fibrin contained in it helps replace old fragments of the epidermis and stimulates the skin to create new cell chains, producing fibroblasts and its hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for rejuvenation and restoration. of the epidermis. Platelet-enriched plasma is used as a restorative material not only in cosmetology but also in sports medicine, traumatology, and its effectiveness has been proven over time.

Indications for the procedure

The efficacy spectrum of plasma injections is very wide. This method of skin renewal and restoration is used for problems such as:

  • change in facial contours, loss of elasticity and volume of the cheeks;
  • the appearance of deep wrinkles of an aged nature or as a result of facial features;
  • increased epidermal pigmentation;
  • decreased skin elasticity, including eyelids, chin, neck and décolleté;
  • the appearance of scars as a result of improper treatment of acne or after surgery.

To restore the skin to the body, after a change in weight or as a result of hormonal changes in the body, laser plasma elevation is most often used, but the injection method of the procedure is not excluded. This technique is widely used to improve the condition of hair, and in dentistry - when implanting implants and treating gums.

Preparation for the procedure and recovery period

No special preparation is required for the skin rejuvenation injection. Procedures such as plasma removal or biorevitalization do not involve the use of anesthesia or keeping the patient in the hospital. The surface of the skin, at the injection sites, is subjected to application anesthesia, which excludes the occurrence of a painful reaction.

Plasmolifting, before and after it, does not cause any discomfort and does not affect the normal rhythm of the patient's life. A slight swelling of the skin surface, which occurs in very rare cases at the injection sites, disappears after 2-3 hours.

To achieve the desired anti-aging effect, at least 4 procedures are required, the interval between which must be at least 7 days. The end result is influenced not so much by the ability of the cosmetologist as by the condition of the client's epidermis at the time of treatment, his age and general health. When rejuvenating with the help of plasma elevator, it is recommended to exclude stress conditions, alcohol consumption, smoking, to minimize the negative impact of the environment on the skin and not to use decorative cosmetics that contain aggressive substances.

The positive effect is noticeable after the first course of injections. But to consolidate it and ensure a long period of validity, it is necessary to complete the entire course, which is recommended by a specialist, and strictly follow all his advice. Positive dynamics are observed within two years after plasmolifting, but only if the patient does not expose the skin to negative influences, for example, does not abuse the solarium, performs supportive procedures and leads a healthy lifestyle.

Plasmolifting results: photos before and after the procedure

pho and after plasma skin rejuvenationphoto before and after plasma skin rejuvenationbefore and after plasma skin rejuvenation

Contraindications to coping with plasmotherapy

Despite the fact that the plasmolifting procedure is simple and painless, there are a number of contraindications to its implementation. You can not use this method of renewal if:

  • the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • has blood clotting disorders;
  • at the time of the session, there are progressive diseases of infectious etiology;
  • the presence of serious chronic diseases, such as cancer or diabetes mellitus;
  • there is also the slightest risk of developing an allergic reaction to pro- or antiagulants.

Estimated prices for plasma elevation

The cost of raising the plasma depends on which part of the body will be performed and what problems need to be solved in each specific case.

Only a qualified specialist with a permit to work with blood and a suitable license for this type of activity has the right to perform the plasma lifting procedure.